Adlerturm Children’s Museum: experience Dortmund in the Middle Ages

A mysterious skeleton – found buried under the ground near Dortmund. Who was it? How did they die? And how many years ago? In the Adlerturm Children’s Museum the kids can become detectives and go looking for evidence. The skeleton and the answers are all down in the cellar.

On the other floors, up a spiral staircase, you will find out all about the history of Dortmund in the Middle Ages.

Adlerturm Children’s Museum

Günter-Samtlebe-Platz 2
44135 Dortmund


(only in German)

With all your senses

The museum says that touching the artefacts is definitely allowed and encouraged. The up-and-coming detectives can start out their adventure at different points – for example by trying on armour and helmets or sniffing some scents. Four to twelve-year-olds will have the most fun here.

By the way, they also put on special family afternoons here. And it is all for free too.