Running, cycling, climbing: Dortmund has it all

Dortmund is a city of sports – in every sense of the word. In Dortmund you can do almost anything that your sport-loving heart desires. Whether it is climbing, running, cycling, swimming, sailing or mountain biking – as a visitor to Dortmund you are guaranteed to find the perfect place to do your favourite sport.

Even though BVB and football seem to dominate the Dortmund sports landscape, on closer inspection the city is a stronghold for the full spectrum of sporting leisure activities.

Running in Dortmund: hills, woods, running tracks

Runner from behind on the sand track around the moor in the Botanical Garden Rombergpark.
© Stefan Reinke Running on the sand track around the moor in Rombergpark

Did you know that Dortmund is home to the oldest running club in Germany? Since 1974, the members of the Viermärker Waldlauf Gemeinschaft (Viermärker Forest Running Club) have been jogging, running and racing through the woods in the south of Dortmund.

The running clubs love to welcome guests. Thus, you get a sporty city tour including unusual views on Dortmund. In short: It doesn’t matter when or where you want to run, you can always find company.

Swimming in Dortmund: It’s never far to the nearest swimming pool

Dortmund is trying to maintain its range of pools. This is paying off and dedicated swimmers can still find 50-meter lanes here. And if you just want to swim a few laps, you have a relatively large number of pools to choose from in Dortmund.

Cycling in Dortmund: The perfect route for every taste

Do you like it dirty? Mountain bikers just love Dortmund. The woods in the south of the city offer some steep and challenging routes where you can raise some dust as you skid down the inclines. And even the old slagheaps are a great place to let off steam on your bike. If you prefer flat terrain, you can even cycle from Dortmund to the North Sea – if you have plenty of time. Sporty racing cyclists will find great routes with strenuous ascents and exciting descents in the south of Dortmund. 

And what else? Ice skating, skating or climbing – go for it in Dortmund!

A small sailboat lies on the PHOENIX See lake. The sun is shining, bright blue sky. In the background, the new buildings can be seen.
© DORTMUNDtourismus Recreational area PHOENIX lake.

There is actually nothing that you can't do as a tourist on a short visit to Dortmund. You can do some climbing in an old industrial hall, skate on Dortmund’s ice hockey pros’ ice or cruise around PHOENIX See Lake on rollerblades.

If you prefer something quieter, rent a pedal boat and explore the lakes for example in Fredenbaum, Westfalenpark or PHOENIX See Lake. You can also go sailing there. And if you really want to let off steam, there are various trampoline halls to choose from.

Dortmund is well set up for high performance sport

Granted, Dortmund's competitive athletes are not always active in the top leagues. But they do exist, and they put their hearts and souls into their chosen disciplines. Whether it's football, handball, ice hockey, boxing or athletics – competitive sports are always in season in Dortmund, and all clubs are looking forward to spectators.