Alter Markt Dortmund – THE meeting place in the city

The Alter Markt in Dortmund. A popular watering hole for the locals, it’s synonymous with tradition, a welcoming vibe and of course glorious beer. At the first rays of sunshine in springtime, landlords will whisk out the tables and chairs to transform this historic market place into the biggest beer garden in Dortmund.

That’s why there’s nowhere nicer to be in summer. It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink, catch some sun and soak up the laid-back atmosphere. With the fountain murmuring in the background numerous restaurants will indulge you with a cool beer and delicious food.

Alter Markt

44137 Dortmund

Alter Markt Dortmund by the Reinoldi Church

The Alter Markt has been the beating heart of Dortmund for centuries. Situated near the Reinoldi Church, it serves as a popular central meeting place. At one time it was home to the town hall and a weekly market, but the market has since moved to the neighbouring Hansaplatz, while the new town hall is to be found at Friedensplatz.

Nevertheless, the Alter Markt has lost none of its charm. And when hundreds of BVB fans congregate on match days, it’s as bustling as it ever was. In the weeks leading up to Christmas it also hosts one of the main sections of Dortmund’s famous Christmas Market.