30 April - 4 Mai 2019


In front of Dortmunder U
44137 Dortmund


(only in German)

Dortmund Beer Culture Festival: Cheers!

Glasses clink as friends toast each other before they imbibe this refreshingly cool golden liquid. Ah, that’s good! This is the scene of people enjoying Dortmund’s favourite drink – beer.Cheers!

The locals appreciate their traditional drink so much that they even dedicate an annual festival to it at the Dortmund U Tower. The festival runs for several days, usually around the traditional 1st of May “dance into May” celebrations. At a huge array of stalls you can sample everything the world of beer has to offer: strong beers, craft beers – even beer cocktails. Simply buy the beer festival glass at the entrance (you can keep it as a souvenir!) and have it filled up with 0.1l, 0.2l or 0.3l at the stands. Here’s a tip: save money with the beer pass.

But, so that you can still think clearly and chat with your friends during your beer tasting, there are also all kinds of food trucks here. They also partly use beer – for example in their sauces. Yum!

What a blast! An all-round celebration of beer in the shadow of a former brewery building – where even the video installation has a beer theme.