Bergmann brewery: Dortmund’s iconic beer has returned

Dortmund and beer. It’s like foot and ball or fish and chips: Inseperable. There used to be lots of breweries in the beer city of Dortmund. Today their number has dwindled: So the relaunch of a special brand of beer has been all the more welcome in Dortmund:  Bergmann beer.

In line with the Ruhr Valley image as a coalminers’ region, the beer’s advertising slogan is ‘Hard work. Honest Reward.’ Although mining has been history for the most part of the Ruhr for some time, the traditional after-work beer continues to be popular. Which is why Bergmann built their brewery in the Hörde district next to an old blast furnace plant at PHOENIX West, now an industrial heritage site.

Within the brewery’s black exterior walls, visitors are invited not only to enjoy one of the guided tours – and of course sample the brew – but also to just drop in and enjoy a glass of beer in our beer hall or, during the summer months, in our beer garden. And a food truck also offers culinary delights from Thursday to Sunday.

Bergmann brewery

Elias-Bahn-Weg 2
44263 Dortmund


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The Bergmann brewery’s success story

The original Bergmann brewery was founded in 1796 and closed down in 1972. The brand was all but forgotten – until its resurrection by current owner Thomas Raphael. But what is a brand without a product to support it? So Raphael started to brew – with unexpected success.

Small quantities soon became large ones, and today several Dortmund supermarkets even stock the popular brand. Bergmann also operates its own beer kiosk on Hoher Wall, which enjoys iconic status among Dortmund’s population.

So you can see: when you visit Dortmund there’s no getting around a Bergmann beer.