Binarium Dortmund: computer museum and console nostalgia

Heads down, focused gaze and fast finger work: three kids lounging on the living room floor playing computer games, racing cars, getting Mario to overcome obstacles or munching Pacman points. Then as now. Technology has changed quite a lot, but computer games are still in. And it isn’t just for kids either.

The BINARIUM technology museum covers 1,000 m² and tells the story of consoles and computers. Back to the 1970s. You can test your skill on early consoles such as the Atari 2600 or the C64. Pure nostalgia.


Hülshof 28
44369 Dortmund


Travel back in time: from the 70s to the present

Of course, there are some modern consoles for you to try out too. And company computers, programming literature and pocket calculators are also on display.

The museum also has a café where you can relax outside on the terrace or have a go at karaoke if you want.  

The name of the museum has two parts: BIN and ARIUM. BIN stands for binary, i.e. the way computers work with either on or off. And ARIUM means a collection.