Bodelschwingh Castle – moated castle in Dortmund

As soon as you glimpse Bodelschwingh Castle for the first time, you will be enchanted. This fairytale moated castle sits tucked away in a beautiful English-style landscaped park.

It is the ancestral home of the noble Bodelschwingh family and has been occupied by the clan since 1302. Today it is the private residence of the Baron and Baroness zu Knyphausen and, along with the castle gardens, is normally closed to the public.

Bodelschwingh Castle

44357 Dortmund

Visit Bodelschwingh Castle

But there are a few occasions every year when the castle opens its gates for visitors to explore the castle grounds. With Gartenflair, the Knyphausens host a late summer fair every year, where artisans and local craftspeople present their wares against the tranquil backdrop of the lake and gardens. Visitors can sit by the lakeside and enjoy a glass of wine or a bite to eat while perhaps gathering inspiration for their own garden designs. In December, the Baron and Baroness also organise a small and charming Christmas market called Weihnachtsflair.

The castle and its grounds are also usually open to the public at the HeritageDoors Open Day. For the rest of the year the gates remain closed, and visitors may only view the castle and take photos for personal use from the drive.