Brewery Museum Dortmund – learn all about brewing beer

Until the eighties a plaque at Dortmund Central Station saying “Welcome to Europe’s No. 1 City of Beer” welcomed tourists to our city. Beer was, and still is, Dortmund's pride and joy (after the BVB football club of course), even though the glory days as the continent’s beer capital and even as the world’s second largest beer producing city have long since passed.

What could be more fitting then than dedicating a museum to barley juice? Exactly: nothing! The Brewery Museum is located in the machine hall of the former Hansa Brewery, on Steiger Strasse, where the Radeberger Group brews and bottles all of its Dortmund beers, and many others too.

At the Brewery Museum you learn pretty much everything you need to know about beer. Discover the history of the art of brewing, from the origins of the drink to the present day. On special tours you can even see real Dortmund beer being brewed.

Brewery Museum

Steigerstraße 16
44145 Dortmund


(only in German)

Visit Dortmund’s Brewery Museum for free

By the way, entry is free, all the more reason to visit this fascinating and historical place. You’ll learn how Dortmund became a city of beer and what made Dortmund beer so popular all over the world.

As you would expect in a museum, there are lots of interesting old things to look at: vintage trucks, old cans and bottles, beer coasters, barrels – in fact everything you can imagine connected with this liquid gold. The TV commercials for the many different Dortmund brands have taken on cult status. It was customary until the nineties for almost every Dortmund beer brand to have its own TV ad, and these ads were part of the culture of the city. Today this is unheard of and only Brinkhoff's and Kronen are marketed so loudly.

After you have learned enough theory about hops and malt, you can – if you have booked a guided tour – immediately tap into your newly acquired knowledge at a beer tasting session. And if you have done too much research – don’t worry: There is a tram stop in front of the brewery so you can get back to your accommodation safely.

Groups can also book a tour in English – but make sure you sort it out in advance.

A collection of different beer glasses shows how they changed during the years.

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