Dortmund and the art of brewing

The scent of hops and yeast fills the air. It’s warm, almost humid, as hot steam rises from the copper brew kettle. It’s hard to imagine that the thick wort boiling away will one day become a cool, blond - or amber - beer.

Although the days are long gone since Dortmund beer was renowned the world over, the city has held on to its great brewing tradition. If you’re someone who’s not just interested in the consumption of beer, but would also like to learn more about how it’s produced, why not make your trip to Dortmund an educational one?

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First, the theory: Dortmund Brewery Museum

A glass wall in the Brauerei Museum.
© DORTMUNDtourismus A glass wall in the Brauerei Museum.

Everything you need to know about the history of beer is to be found here at the Brewery Museum in Steigerstrasse on the northern side of town. The museum is located on site at the DAB Brewery where all of the Radeberger Group’s Dortmund brands are brewed.

Their brew masters have devised a system whereby the recipes are rotated to produce the whole range of famous Dortmund beers, including Brinkhoff’s, DAB, Union and Hansa. Visitors can watch all this going on live.

And, if you’re a fan of retro and vintage advertising, check out the museum’s collection of old TV commercials for Dortmund’s favourite brews.

Second, the practice: brewing seminars

Entrance of Hövels Hausbrauerei brewery.
© DORTMUNDtourismus Entrance of "Hövels Hausbrauerei" brewery and Restaurant.

Tucked behind the Thier Galerie shopping mall you’ll find the Hövels Hausbrauerei. The Hövels brand is owned by Radeberger and, although nowadays the bulk of it is produced at Steigerstrasse, some is still produced here and served in the brewery tap room alongside delicious, traditional food with a modern twist.

Watch the brew master at work, or try your own hand at the art of brewing. As a reward, a keg of beer and a laid table beckon. Please call to make a reservation for tours and seminars.

Last but not least, the product: beer tastings

The beer hall of the Bergmann brewery.
© DORTMUNDtourismus The beer hall of the Bergmann brewery.

The youngest of Dortmund’s breweries, the Bergmann Brewery, has become a fixture within just a few short years. Now firmly at home in its new premises on the site of a former blast furnace at PHOENIX West, the brewery welcomes visitors with a beer garden and a typical German-style beer hall.

In the simple, stripped back atmosphere, everything revolves around beer. Taste your way through the entire Bergmann assortment. Get an insight into Dortmund’s long-standing brewing tradition and discover what sets craft brewers apart from the big, industrial producers.