From breakfast to cakes and ice cream: coffee heaven in Dortmund

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee drifts through the air, tempting you inside to take some time out over a latte and lunch, or just to relax with friends, family or co-workers. Sublime! Forget coffee-to-go: When in Germany, do as the Germans do. Immerse yourself in German coffee culture and order yourself a real, hot, steaming coffee – in a real cup! If this sounds like your thing, then Dortmund won’t disappoint you.

But for those of you with an aversion to the black stuff, don’t fear: There are ample alternatives – teas of every description, real drinking chocolate, rhubarb spritz … and of course delicious cakes. Where? Scattered all over town! In the city centre, alongside traditional coffee houses like Kleiman orHemmer, you’ll find the ubiquitous chains includingStarbucks and Coffee Fellows, as well as some cosy bakeries where you can sit down and sip your beverage of choice. But the best place by far for caffeine lovers is the Kreuzviertel area, where you’ll be spoilt for choice with an array of small and independent cafés.

Kreuzviertel = Dortmund’s café district

Explore the backstreets and courtyards between grand old buildings for cute little cafés – often with a glass facade, vintage décor or an old-school industrial interior, but always individual and lovingly furnished. Our favourites: Café Asemann, Kieztörtchen, Froilein Meier and Küchlein. Most of them offer homemade breakfasts too, ranging from healthy to indulgent, and many – such as Schönes Leben – also have a small lunch menu. Or treat yourself to an enormous slice of home-baked cake and cosy up with a good book or just watch the world go by.

Breakfast buffets and freshly roasted coffee

We’re all told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, for any sceptics out there: most cafés in Dortmund offer tantalizing breakfast menus or buffets that may end up converting you. Bear in mind though that Germans take their leisurely breakfasts seriously and – as we mentioned – many cafés are on the snug side, so on Sundays booking is essential.

Even more cafés around town

There are more great cafés to be found in the Saarlandstraße district – Luups, Wohnzimmer and das Neue Schwarz to name but three – the latter boasting its own roastery. There are several in-house roasteries in Dortmund, by the way, and Röstwerk in Hörde, deserves a special mention. The staff there really know their stuff. Enjoy a cake or pastry with your beverage, and be sure to take one of their curated blends home with you.

The popular Kaiserviertel area also has some wonderful little cafés if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing space. We strongly recommend the Café Lotte Brasserie and Küchenwirtschaft Bismarck. In the Nordstadt district, check out Grüner Salon with its monthly changing menu.

Food with a view

If you fancy a waterside view as you nibble, then you should head to the café An den Wasserbecken in theWestfalenpark. Or just as nice: grab a lakeside seat at Café Solo and watch the boats on the PHOENIX See Lake. There are also several ice cream parlours on the waterfront.

Ice cream

Dortmund has so many ice cream parlours you’ll struggle to choose one. If you’re in the mood for frozen treats, we’ve got Kuhbar, Eiswerk, Kugelpudel and the famous Angelo Losego gelateria to name but a few. The latter is situated in the Union district surrounding the Dortmund U and serves classic house-made flavours alongside more exotic options like rice pudding or sesame.

All in all: Wherever you happen to be in Dortmund, cakes, coffee and ice cream are never far away. Enjoy!