DAB in Paris

Brasserie L’Auberge dab in Paris
© Stefan Reinke Brasserie L’Auberge dab in Paris

For a long, long time Dortmund basked in its reputation as a thriving brewery town. Of course, there’s “l’Auberge DAB” in Paris, a genteel brasserie that greets its guests with beautiful windows decorated with the brewery’s logo. But beer in Paris is far too expensive. In fact, it has been claimed that there are Parisians who board the Thalys at Gare du Nord, just to get a cheaper beer in Dortmund. Maybe! At least they could if they wanted to!

Dortmund is the second greenest city in Germany

In fact, the Berlin Morgenpost newspaper reported results from the analysis of satellite photos which show that the city is around 70 per cent green. In their ranking, the city, with a population of over half a million, took second place after Hamburg. Yes, it’s true: The people of Munich (49.9 % green) may wax lyrical about the beautiful countryside around their city, but the citizens of Dortmund don’t need to leave their city to find green open spaces in which to relax!

Trees with thousands of bits of shrapnel

After the War, the Allied Forces blew up the ammunition they found in the bunkers at the Niederhofer Holz. As a result, the surrounding trees are riddled with thousands of bits of shrapnel. If you look carefully at the trees surrounding the bunkers, you can still see the scars in the bark. A piece of shrapnel in a tree could cause serious damage to a sawmill, so the Niederhofer Holz has been allowed to grow more or less as it pleases.