domicil: Jazz and cocktails in Dortmund city centre

Loud, quiet, snappy, rhythmic and unexpected. That’s what jazz is, and so much more! This style of music lives from improvisation, it is individual and above all it is diverse: every concert is different.

You can find out whether it appeals to you – often for free – at Dortmund’s “domicil” jazz club near the Kampstraße underground station. According to the US American Down Beat magazine, the club in Dortmund’s city centre is one of the 100 best jazz clubs in the world – so a perfect opportunity to get to know jazz in all its many facets. The spectrum ranges from modern and electronic jazz through to funk and soul.

Musicians such as Götz Alsmann, Attila Zlle and the Vienna Art Orchestra, to name just a few, have stood on the stage here. But the club regularly gives up-and-coming musicians the chance to perform here too.


Hansastraße 7-11
44137 Dortmund


Intimate atmosphere in the “Small Hall” at the domicil Dortmund

Two different stages are available for concerts. They each have their very own character. It’s a bit different from going to huge concerts, where the people all push to the front to get a glimpse of their idols. The small hall at domicil is a particularly intimate venue. It might remind you of a cosy living room and is not much bigger than that either. Artists and public get quite close to each other at concerts. In the second, larger hall there is space for up to 500 people and they put on parties here as well.

The Monday Night Sessions are especially popular in the events calendar, as the best young session musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia take to the stage with an opening band. And all for free.

Secret tip: the bar

The bar on the ground floor is a secret gem too. Its urban style is something you normally only see in metropolises like New York City. It has a huge selection of spirits and cocktails You can also chill here in the evenings without going to a concert.