Dortmund Concert Hall – the Westphalian philharmonic hall

When you first think of Dortmund you might think of German sausage, beer and football, and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. But Dortmund has so much more to offer, like classical music, jazz and pop! And the Dortmund Konzerthaus - Dortmund Concert Hall - is where it’s all at! Friends of classical music claim that the acoustics in the large concert hall are even better than on the south terrace of the famous stadium down the road.

The football fans are probably shaking their heads now. But major classical music stars, such as Anna Netrebko, Anne-Sophie Mutter or Lang Lang have performed here and love to return to Dortmund. Which is a resounding yes for the acoustics.

Dortmund Concert Hall

Brückstraße 21
44135 Dortmund

Dortmund Concert Hall in the city centre

The concert hall was only opened in 2002, but with the impressive list of people who have performed here it has long since become an integral part of Dortmund's cultural scene. The “Philharmonic Hall for Westphalia” is located in the Brückstrassen district, right in the city centre. This large concert hall offers space for an audience of up to 1,550 people. Apart from the wonderful acoustics, the modern architecture of the building is also very impressive.

By the way, Dortmund Concert Hall also has its own heraldic animal – the winged rhinoceros. You will find larger than life winged-rhinoceros sculptures all over Dortmund. You might wonder why. It’s very simple: Rhinos have excellent hearing and music inspires fantasy, creativity and thought!