Lots to choose from at the Theater Dortmund: theatre, ballet, opera, philharmonic orchestra

Spellbound silence. The curtain slowly rises. Classical music. A murmur goes through the audience as a dancer leaps across the stage on pointed toes. Although “floats” would be a better description. We’re talking about ballet, after all.

Dortmund Theatre / Opera House

Theaterkarree 1-3
44137 Dortmund

Welcome to Dortmund Theatre!

Ballet is just one of the five divisions in this theatre at the moment. So we could have started this text in a different way:

The curtain rises. Garish, colourful costumes and screaming voices.

Or even: The curtain rises. The sound of violins - and then the bassoon comes in.  

All of these options are possible because Theater Dortmund is one of the most diverse and wide-ranging theatres ever. It includes divisions for ballet, theatre, children’s and youth theatre (KJT) as well as opera and the philharmonic orchestra.

Many different venues

That’s why you can enjoy both music and theatre here – sometimes loud, sometimes quiet and sometimes in completely different buildings: in the Opera House, the Theatre, the Children’s and Youth Theatre, the Ballet Centre Westphalia, in the Orchestra Centre NRW, the Dortmund Concert Hall or the Young Opera House. Dortmund Theatre is one of the largest theatres in Germany so there’s something for everyone here. Look out for special offers for children, families and adults.

There is a wide range of performances and events which even include things like baby concerts, topic evenings and discussions.

Dortmund Theatre has been selected for the Best Theatre in NRW award several times.

And since 2019, Dortmund Theatre has added yet another division to its bow: the Academy for Theatre and Digitality – an absolute first in Europe. Starting in the autumn of 2019, researchers will be able to work on combining their artistic and technical expertise at this new centre.