Dortmund Zoo – come and see the meerkats, penguins and seals.

So, you are in the Ruhr Region and want to have a wonderful day out without spending a lot of money. Then come to Dortmund Zoo next to the Rombergpark.

Here you are greeted by flamingos at the entrance and your ticket costs just 8.50 euros. But of course you will see much more than just graceful pink birds. The Dortmund Zoo is home to meerkats, kangaroos, seals and penguins! There are of course discounts for groups, families, students and many others.

Dortmund Zoo

Mergelteichstraße 80
44225 Dortmund

Visit Justus the sloth at Dortmund Zoo!

What? That’s not enough for you and your family? Well, ok then! We’ll let you into a secret! A real celebrity lives in Dortmund Zoo. His name is Justus the Sloth. You probably know him from radio and TV.

Usually Justus just hangs out all day. Sure, he’s a sloth! But some time ago he wasn’t feeling too well and he fell down– and landed on young boy Mats’ head. Luckily, neither of them was hurt. But now everyone in Germany knows Justus and the Dortmund Zoo!