3 - 5 September 2021


44263 Dortmund


(only in German)

Dragon Boat Festival at the PHOENIX See

It’s normally the ducks that you see paddling their way peacefully around the lake – although they do get into loud arguments sometimes. But for one weekend in September you will find some rather different creatures on the water, and they are much faster than those delightful ducks: dragon boats.

Decorated boats and crazy outfits

Colourfully decorated boats with up to 18 people furiously paddling their way across the lake in the dragon boat races. On the Saturday and Sunday up to 30 teams compete with each other and on the Friday there’s the competition for the SchoolsCup.

The team with the funniest outfits wins the team prize and also gets the honour of starting for nothing next year. There’s a lot going on at the lake just after the school holidays end. And you can also catch a glimpse of the local industrial heritage as the lake was created as a recreation area for all on the site of a former steelworks.