From chippies to a Michelin star restaurant: Eating out in Dortmund

Who says you can only get currywurst here? Dortmund’s gastronomic offerings are as diverse as the city’s inhabitants. From traditional down-to-earth German fare to trendy modern Asian. And one of our chefs even has a Michelin star.

But it isn’t always easy to pick out the highlights from amongst the many Pommesbuden and Dönerbuden – chippies and kebab shops – so here’s a brief overview of where to eat out in Dortmund.

Michelin star restaurants in Dortmund

Frontside of the casino Hohensyburg.
© Stefan Reinke Casino Hohensyburg.

Three restaurants in Dortmund have been awarded the coveted Michelin star: the Grammons restaurant with its own wine bar, the Der Schneider restaurant and The Stage. The restaurant The Stage, which won an award in 2022, is the new workplace of Michael Dyllong, the preferred chef de cuisine at the Palmgarden in the Hohensyburg casino, which was also taken away for several years. Dortmund became a small Mecca for friends of excellent food.

But even without a star, you can eat well. Because many chefs try the balancing act between traditional Westphalian cuisine and contemporary food. That's not always easy, as the local cuisine tends to be rustic and hearty. This demands a lot of creativity from the chefs.

More than crispy duck and sushi: Asian style in Dortmund

Dortmund’s Asian and Asian-style food scene is enjoying a real boom right now. Whether you are in the city centre, at the PHOENIX See lake or out in the suburbs, you are sure to find a nearby restaurant with Asian food wherever you are staying.

At the forefront of this trend are the places which create some sort of fusion between European and Asian dishes. But you will also find classic Chinese restaurants, a top-class Japanese restaurant, and plenty of sushi-bars.

Down-to-earth food for down-to-earth customers

Restaurants on the Alter Markt square and Marien-Church in the backround.
© DORTMUNDtourismus Cozy Restaurants on Alter Markt square.

At the Alter Markt, the old market square, there are lots of more traditional restaurants – some Dortmund originals – offering things like schnitzel with lots of hearty sauces and sides (which could even be yet another schnitzel). If you come to Dortmund, you are bound to end up here at some point. If you want to eat what the Dortmunders eat then you can’t go wrong here. You could go for a traditional Dortmund dish such as Pfefferpotthast or Salzkuchen or maybe something more Mediterranean. The square is a great place to hang out any time of year, but in the summer you can sit outside and soak in the sounds and the atmosphere – just like on an Italian Piazza.

Currywurst, chips, mayo – but do it in style

If you are visiting the Ruhr Region, you just have to try the Pommes (chips) and – if you eat meat – the Currywurst (sausage in curry sauce). However many other gourmet meals there are to choose from Currywurst and Pommes are something you can always rely on – whether you enjoy them at the pub where the BVB football club was originally founded, at one of the new trendy frying establishments, or at one of the many down to-earth, old-fashioned chippies – don’t leave Dortmund without trying it.