Music, sport, food – Dortmund knows how to party!

The audience is jumping up and down. Hands waving in the air. Everyone is cheering in front of one of Dortmund’s most photographed spots: The Florian Tower in Westfalenpark is every Dortmunder’s favourite tower. It is here that the Juicy Beats Festival takes place every year – with several stages and thousands of visitors who come to Dortmund from far and wide on a two-day pilgrimage. And why do they come? Simply, to enjoy great music together.

The same applies to many other music events in Dortmund, for example the Cityring Concerts in late summer, when Friedensplatz is turned into a huge concert hall. The Festival of Choirs has also discovered Dortmund’s love of music and chosen the city as its venue – more than 160 choirs perform on stages in the open air, in the city churches and in shops as part of the Dortmund Klangvokal music festival.

Food, glorious food! Food festivals and gourmet festivals

Gourmet Festival GourmeDo on the Friedensplatz square. View of the square. In the middle fully occupied table and benches under a purple illuminated roof, surrounded by the gastronomy tents..
© frutec GourmeDo on the Friedensplatz square

If you’re not really a music fan, then food is sure to be your thing – because honestly, who doesn’t love good food? As we all know, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. In addition to the countless food festivals that are held in Dortmund in every imaginable combination – beer, burger, gin... you name it, we’ve got it – Dortmund also has its own unique gourmet festivals. You won’t find the like of these anywhere else: at GourmeDo edgy, trend gastronomy meets star cuisine; at Dortmund á la Carte local restaurateurs present their favourite dishes and at the Pfefferpotthastfest Westphalian specialities are celebrated. Delicious!

And of course, Dortmund's Christmas markets have lots of tasty treats to tempt you too, in November and December. For example, enjoy the magic of the city centre market with the world's largest Christmas tree or sample the delights of the Fredenbaum Park market.

Partying in Dortmund’s parks

Open-air cinema in the Westfalenpark. Sponsored by the PSD Bank. The screen is on the lake stage.
© Magda Stengel PSD Bank open-air cinema in the Westfalenpark

Fredenbaum Park is home to the biggest tipi in the world. And there are lots of events here too. There are the free DJ picnics in summer, the Holi Festival of Colours and the Festival of Lights. There is also a beautiful and exceedingly popular festival of lights in Westfalenpark. Even in winter there is a festive feeling here when hundreds of spotlights light up the park for the Winter Lights, while in summer you can enjoy outdoor cinema at the Seebühne. Other exciting events to note in your calendar are the Westparkfest and the events in Wischlingen District Park such as Dortmund Olé and the Dortmund Oktoberfest.

Dortmund city festivals

logo of ExtraSchicht, Night of Industrial Culture
© RTG ExtraSchicht

The people of Dortmund know how to do festivals. After all, they usually include their favourite drink: beer. There is lots going on in the city centre, especially in summer and not just in the outdoor restaurants and bars. Dortmund’s diversity is celebrated at the DortBunt! city festival, the MicroFestival celebrates street theatre and international music, and at the Hansemarkt around the Alter Markt you can travel back to the Middle Ages. The ExtraSchicht festival centres around industrial locations and has a whole host of events on offer: fireworks, comedy, concerts, to name but a few. Just like the Dortmund Museum Night, where you can even play escape games and find out what the police get up to.

On your marks, get set, go! Sports events in Dortmund

And then, of course, Dortmund is famous for football – watching a BVB home match is a must during a visit to Dortmund. But you can also experience other sports here: For example chess at the Sparkassen Chess Meeting, equestrian sports at the Galopprennen, athletics in the Rote Erde stadium and water sports at dragon boat races on the PHOENIX See lake.

Or you can get active yourself: Explore the city on the Urban Trail Run, for example.

Whatever you decide, Dortmund is always worth a visit thanks to a packed calendar of events! Have fun!