25 June 2022


Various venues


(only in German)

ExtraSchicht (Extra Shift) 2022 – night of industrial culture: arts festival in the Ruhr region

Boom. A loud bang. Nothing happens for a moment. Wait. Then all of a sudden it is raining a multi-coloured sparks. The night sky over Dortmund lights up. More and more rockets shoot up into the sky, enrapturing the spectators with spectacular fireworks.

This is ExtraSchicht – the night of industrial culture. You would think that we would have long since packed it in, as the collieries have been closed for quite some time now. But mining still shapes the culture of the Ruhrpott region, primarily in terms of our social history. Probably everyone in the Ruhr area still knows a miner who worked underground at that time or comes from a mining family. And of course we also have a legacy of many impressive industrial buildings. Although most of them are no longer in use, they stand today as monuments to our industrial past. Many have also been turned into theatres, museums or put to other creative uses. And, of course they also look great in photos!

Industrial culture from 6pm until 2am

Once a year Ruhr Tourism GmbH invites you to explore industrial culture. When around 50 venues in 24 cities throughout the Ruhrpott open their doors from 6pm to 2am. The culture night features a colourful programme of food festivals, concerts and comedy – with fireworks to round it off.