FZW: Dance, cheer and sing the night away at concerts and in the club

The lights go on. A buzz of excitement. Stretching up to see as much as possible. Up on your toes. And then they walk out onto the stge. The headliners. What everyone’s been waiting for and now they are rocking it. The crowd erupts. A typical evening in the FZW.

FZW stands for Freizeitzentrum West – or Leisure Centre West. In addition to the Westfalenhalle, the Warsteiner Music Hall, the domicil and the Concert Hall, this is one of THE venues for concerts in Dortmund. Artists such as Bosse, Milow and Sido have all performed here. 1300 people fit into the hall. And there’s a smaller club attached as well.


Ritterstraße 20
44137 Dortmund

FZW: Concert venue and party palace

Right next to the Dortmunder U in the Unionviertel – just a couple of minutes’ walk from the main station, they put on cool concerts and plenty of parties here as well. For example: Indie Nights, 90s Parties or even the Jet-Black-Night – an electro party. The FZE wants to cover as many music scenes and subcultures as possible and is very varied with around 250 events per year.

They also put on uni parties, and motto parties – for example at carnival time. One of the most popular events is the monthly poetry slam, which you should definitely get to early as tickets and places disappear quickly. Have fun!