Experience football fever in the German Football Museum

He’s running. Faster. Even faster. Will he get it? No one can stay in their seats. They jump to their feet. Hold their breath. He shoots. They cheer: Goal!!!!! The stadium erupts; there’s no holding back now.

Football is emotional, honest and gripping. It unites. In the Ruhr Region more than anywhere else. At the end of the shift, the miners played football on the rough local football pitches and bloodied their knees on the ash surface. That was passion. In those days mostly just for lads. But women have been playing football for many years now and sometimes show the lads what “winners” really look like.

German Football Museum

Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
44137 Dortmund



German Football Museum: Experience football history

You can experience how football has developed in the German Football Museum opposite the main railway station. In the Hall of Fame you'll meet eleven top footballers, including Uwe Seeler and Franz Beckenbauer, and in the 3D cinema Leroy Sane will take you on a journey through time to the national team’s four World Cup successes to date.

You will see cups, football boots, jerseys and balls and learn about club history, leagues and trophies.

But above all, during your visit, you’ll feel and experience the great moments of football history. After all that emotion you will need to have a rest in the restaurant or bistro and enjoy a curry- sausage, just like the locals. With friends, teammates or family. United by your love of football.

Panorama showing the German Football Museum and the U-tower in the background.

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