44135 Dortmund


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Treat yourself to a feast at GourmeDO on Friedensplatz

Just savour those smells – tantalizingly tempting. If you want to enjoy some delicious dishes in the centre of Dortmund at the beginning of August, then make your way down to the Friedensplatz.

The scene is set - brilliant white pavilions, tables standing smartly in purple and white tablecloths under the white pointed tents, chattering voices, clinking glasses and clattering cutlery. This is where it’s at. It’s GourmeDO time again – a gourmet summer festival, with everything from star-studded cuisine to trendy foodie snacks.

Wine or beer? Meat, fish or vegetarian?

There’s something for everyone, whatever your taste - wine-lovers on one side, beer-lovers on the other – but everyone comes together to eat the fantastic food at the tables. The tasty food combined with the relaxed atmosphere make this get together a great success. And you’ll find the locals are really friendly too.

In 2018 you could eat your fill in style at 21 different food stalls – from Wagyu burgers or beef casserole to oysters and lobster, and all on real china plates just like in a restaurant. Add the right music – live of course – and you have the perfect recipe for a romantic date, or a convivial evening with friends and family - in Dortmund, in the summer.