Hansa Coking Plant

For people from the suburb of Huckarde in Dortmund, the Hansa Coking Plant is more than just a piece of industrial culture. Many of them spent their whole working lives toiling away there or in the neighbouring Hansa mine. Colleagues were often neighbours and friends – real mates in fact.

This is why when you visit the Hansa Coking Plant you shouldn’t miss a tour with one of the former workers who will show you where he toiled and slogged away. They will also give you the whole history of the coking plant: It was opened in 1928 to process coal from the mines in the surrounding area. The coal was heated to 1,400 degrees and turned into coke, which was used to fuel the blast furnaces in Dortmund and the Ruhr Region. The tour guides also have plenty of anecdotes from the lives of the workers.

Hansa Coking Plant

Emscherallee 11
44369 Dortmund

Visit the Hansa Coking Plant free of charge

Admission to the Hansa Coking Plant is free You can explore the compressor hall and the yards, which are now a museum. The only charge is a small fee for the tours. As part of the tour you can also enjoy a view over Dortmund from the coal tower.

Right beside the Hansa Coking Plant you will find a wonderful example of industrial transformation. In the Kletterhalle Bergwerk (Mine Climbing Hall), a former coke plant hall, you can go climbing and bouldering – and get to grips with industrial history!