Hövels brewery and restaurant – beer with tradition on the Hoher Wall

Hövels isn’t just a traditional Dortmund brewery, it is also the name of the restaurant. The brewery cum restaurant has a traditional friendly feel and a huge terrace on Dortmund’s Wall, just a few minutes’ walk from the very heart of the city centre and right next door to the Thier Galerie. In addition to a freshly pulled Hövels beer, you can also get some classics to eat such as schnitzel, salad or baked potatoes. In the summer you can drink your beer in the relaxed atmosphere of the lounge area which opened in 2018.

You can also take part in a guided tour of the brewery or in beer-tasting sessions. Lots of different options for small groups and most of them can be booked in English too.

„HÖVELS Hausbrauerei“

Hoher Wall 5-7
44137 Dortmund
+49 (0) 231 9145470