31 August 2019


Lindenhorster Str. 6
44147 Dortmund


(only in German)

Holi Festival of Colours: colourful is an understatement

Countdown. Three, two, one: and the Holi paint powder goes flying. Blue, red, yellow, green – a cascade of bright colours. Everywhere! And suddenly all the white t-shirts are not white anymore, but covered in a multitude of colours. Welcome to the Holi Festival of Colours in Fredenbaumpark.

Th Holi Festival originally comes from India where the Dance of Colours welcomes the spring. The festival arrived in Dortmund some time ago – slightly different as it’s in the summer and more like a great big colourful party.

Every hour, on the hour: all colours march

From 15.00 you can dance your heart out to the music in the multi-coloured mist that pervades the air around you - until 22.00 when everything closes down.

And anyone who isn’t already drenched in all the colours of the rainbow by then, has definitely been doing something wrong. It’s shower time for all you party people.