The Kreuzviertel: Dortmund’s café and pub quarter

Off we go! Pub 1. Pub 2. Brief pitstop at the caféand then quickly into the next restaurant before heading for the pub just around the corner. There is probably hardly any other part of Dortmund better suited to a pub crawl than the very popular Kreuzviertel quarter. This is one reason why you can take the so-called “Pub Bachelors exam” here. Many football fans also find this quarter perfectly situated for a short break on their way to the stadium.  

The Kreuzviertel, with the Church of the Holy Cross (Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche) at its centre - hence its name, has long been in vogue with all its cafés and restaurants. There always seems to be another one just round the corner – and there are plenty of little shops as well. If you want to get away from large chain stores and are looking for a bit of a special flair, this place is super for shopping.

This residential area with its grand Gründerzeit architecture has a really special atmosphere! It is somehow idyllic, peaceful and chic all at the same time. Young people in particular are drawn to this cool quarter due to its closeness to the university and the city centre, and not least because part of the University of Applied Sciences is located right in the middle of it as well. Flats in this former civil servants’ quarter are in high demand.  

One of the popular meeting points in the Kreuzviertel is the Möllerbrücke (Möller Bridge) which crosses over the underground and local train stations (U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations). You can get to the Reinoldi Church in the city centre directly from here. The bridge is in the middle of Möllerstraße which runs right across this quarter, wih Hohe Straße, Sonnenstraße, Lindemannstraße and Kreuzstraße forming its borders.

On the "Möllerbrücke" (Möller Bridge) you can do a “möller” which means buying a beer at a kiosk and drinking it on the bridge with your friends. And it’s also right next to the entrance to the West Park which is another popular meeting place for young people, particularly in summer.