MKK Dortmund

There is one place in the Ruhr Region where you can see landscape paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, postcards on the topic of beer and a Roman coin hoard all under one roof. This place is the MKK Dortmund, Dortmund’s city Museum for Art and Cultural History.

This museum and art gallery, the oldest of its kind in the Ruhr Region, uses its hundreds of exhibits to tell the (art) history of the world from ancient times until the 20th century. At the same time, it is also the Dortmund museum for local history.

Museum for Art and Cultural History

Hansastraße 3
44137 Dortmund

100 paintings in the MKK Dortmund art gallery

As an art-lover you will delight in the more than 100 paintings in the 19th century section of the gallery. In addition to landscapes, you will also see portraits and other depictions of every day historical life. But there are plenty of “modern” works of art in the permanent exhibition to enjoy as well.

The MKK Dortmund is right in the middle of the city centre so you can get there from the main railway station in a couple of minutes. Your visit to the permanent exhibition is free, although there are lots of special temporary exhibitions which do charge a small fee.