Where children can explore the world

If your children are between three and 12 years old, why not take them to the mondo mio! Children’s Museum and go on an expedition to the cultures of the world. Bright colours at the entrance draw them in to a partly familiar and partly unfamiliar world. Going by the title of “Cultural diversity is an adventure on the doorstep”, children can learn about the everyday lives of others in their age group in different regions of the world.

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How are our lives connected throughout the world?

The permanent exhibition shows the diversity of the cultures around here in the Ruhr Region and throughout the world. Best of all: it’s fun to discover all these things while playing. They can listen to stories or try on clothes from other cultures and there are plenty of other hands-on activities to try out for young explorers!

Serious topics are also dealt with here, such as the fact that in many parts of the world water doesn’t just come out of the tap like it does here. Children learn how difficult and strenuous it can be to get enough water. Just carrying a bucket of water is harder than you think, as demonstrated by the Neven Subotic Trust. There are activities based on “upcycling” and “fair trade” and much more besides. So, as you can see, the kids can have a lot of fun playing and learning at the same time – and you can too, no doubt!

With all your senses

The painting kitchen is a colourful paradise – particularly for little children, because here they can create their own favourite colours made of plants from the colour garden and then try them out immediately by painting a picture.

Talking about trying things out: Your children can also make things in our own workshop at the Children’s Museum, or explore the topic of fairtrade in our play-shop.

Children’s birthday parties in the Children’s Museum

How about a really special birthday party? In mondo mio! the birthday child can invite their friends to a theme party or try to get out of the “Climate” escape game. When the weather is good, children’s parties can also take place outside in the Westfalenpark. And whatever, it’s always good for the kids to get outside in the fresh air, isn’t it!