Dortmund Nightlife: hotspot for party people

Whether you just want to let your hair down after a long day at a trade fair, prolong your stadium experience or just feel like partying on down – Dortmund’s nightlife has plenty of alternatives to getting an early night.

Fancy dancing with a view? Then you should give one of Dortmund’s trendiest and most select clubs a visit. The View is at the very top of the Dortmunder U, directly behind the famous flying pictures up there on the façade. You never know, but you might bump into one of the BVB football stars here – this is where they often go when there’s something special to celebrate.  

Hotspot Brückviertel

Illuminated Restaurants on Alter Markt square. St. Reinoldi church in the backround is illuminated aswell.
© DORTMUNDtourismus Alter Markt square and St. Reinoldi church in the evening.

Way back in the 1920s the Brückviertel quarter at the heart of the city centre was already the “in” place to party. There aren’t quite as many dance palaces here nowadays, but you should definitely check out this area if you want to enjoy the nightlife. The Tanzcafé Oma Doris – some people still know it by its old name of the Tanzcafé Hösls – has cult status in Dortmund. This is where cool party people get on down in time-honoured traditional style. The Brückviertel quarter also boasts Anton’s Bierkönig, the Nightrooms with its five different club zones (best to get dressed up for this), the HirschQ – yet another cult venue, great pubs, lots of eateries and the Schauburg – one of the most beautiful cinemas in the city.

There’s always a lot happening on the “Alter Markt” square in the centre of town as well. If it weren’t for the “Stade live” venue, this would mainly be a recommendation for the great pubs, bistros and restaurants round the square. But the Stade live adds a bit of sparkle to the mix. All the locals know this place and there can’t be many Dortmunders who haven’t had one too many here and ended up staying a bit longer than planned. Check it out online to see what’s going on – lots of different party formats, karaoke nights and many other events.

Beyond the city centre

There are plenty of cool places to party and go dancing outside the city centre too – for example, the Prisma, the biggest disco in Dortmund. Around 5,000 m² with 5 dancefloors, a restaurant, a cocktail bar and a VIP lounge. By the way, check out the trendy dress-code here before you go. Daddy Blatzheim in Westfalenpark has also made a reputation for itself in the party scene. Come as you are and be ready to party – no dress-code here, but they are a trendy crowd, the LED ceiling is brilliant, and the sound is groovy too.

Just like in other cities, new formats, new venues and different kinds of entertainment are always popping up in Dortmund, so get online to see what’s going on before you set off to enjoy the nightlife. You are sure to find just what you want for you and your friends.

Helpful tip: Nightexpress Bus

At the end of the night you can easily get back to wherever you are staying – even if you don’t want to take a taxi – by taking the Nachtexpress Bus. At weekends, buses start from the centre of the city and head off in all directions to the suburbs and even to some of the smaller towns nearby to take the night-owls amongst you back home again.