Dortmund Opera House: seashell landmark

It has been called a tortoise, a seashell or simply a dome: However you describe it, Dortmund Opera House is an iconic structure that certainly stands out! Situated directly next to the former city walls at the gateway to the city centre, its extraordinary architecture attracts is a real eye-catcher.

The building next to the Stadtgarten gardens was constructed between 1958 and 1965, among other things from steel – of course, what else? After all, the Ruhr Region is known for its steel, coal and beer.

Opera House / Dortmund Theatre

Theaterkarree 1-3
44137 Dortmund


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Spectacular architecture

Lots of glass and concrete were also used in the construction. The foyers and staircases are fully glazed from floor to ceiling which lends a wonderful transparency and airiness to the building, creating an elegant setting for the events inside. The famous dome rises above the auditorium and is an impressive 16.9 metres high.

The Opera House is not only home to the city opera, as the name suggests, but Dortmund ballet is also based here. Both are well known for their great productions far beyond Dortmund. In fact, the ballet is one of the best in Europe.

By the way, the opera and ballet are two of the six divisions of the Dortmund Theatre.