St. Petri Church Dortmund: Silence and wonder in the city centre

Oh my word. What a wonderful sight! You will indeed be amazed: The St. Petri Church has one of the greatest works of art in Dortmund that has survived from the Middle Ages: The Golden Miracle – a carved and gilded winged altar.

It really is a head-turner. Because, at a height of 5.6 m and a width of 7.4 m, it is a colossus. It is the largest Flemish altar of the Middle Ages and consists of two pairs of wings that can be opened and closed. The altar clearly forms the heart of this 14th century Gothic City Church.

St. Petri Church

44137 Dortmund

St. Petri Church Dortmund: A place of silence

St. Petri Protestant church in the centre of Dortmund is a place of refuge from the bustle of Westenhellweg, a place to linger for silence and prayer. In the bright, lofty interior of the church this definitely comes naturally. Daylight enters through large, white windows and the fast pace of the city seems far away.

In contrast to many other historical churches, the St. Petri Church Dortmund has no benches. Instead, chairs are moved around to suit the many different events that take place here.

A varied programme - from guided tours to tango church services

The church is dedicated to providing a programme of events for everyone, regardless of church or creed. In addition to church services, parties, meditation and healing, tango dancing and art events also take place here. There is even a tango church service.

In addition, every first Saturday of the month at 11 am there is a guided tour of the Protestant Churches in Dortmund. Which, of course, takes in the Golden Miracle.