18 ­- 22 September 2019


Alter Markt
44137 Dortmund

Pfefferpotthast festival at the Alter Markt town square in Dortmund

Pfefferpotthast! Never heard of it? No problem! Because every year in autumn there’s the Pfefferpotthast festival at the Alter Markt town square, where you can taste this traditional Dortmund dish yourself!

There’s really not much to say about Pfefferpotthast. It’s a stew made mainly of beef, onions and of course pepper. And it tastes really picobello! Particularly if you have a chilled brew with it.

The Pfefferpotthast festival commemorates one of Dortmund’s medieval victories. Way back then, Countess Agnes von der Vierbecke had a go at outsmarting the people of Dortmund to get enemy soldiers into the town. One night, she dispatched one of the guards at the city gate to fetch some Pfefferpotthast. While he was away from his post, the enemy troops were supposed to sneak through the open gate and conquer the town.

But luckily the portcullis behind the city gate was down, so the enemies didn’t actually get into the town at all. And the Countess? She didn’t live to see the end of the day.