PHOENIX See – a local park and recreation area in Dortmund

If you come to Dortmund, you really must see the PHOENIX See! Just 20 years ago, this was still the site of an enormous steelworks. Today it is a popular recreation area and modern housing development.

The lakeshore area was opened as recently as 2011 but has already made the PHOENIX See one of the most popular attractions in the Ruhr Region. The western shore has been developed as a boulevard with lots of restaurants and cafés. And at the eastern tip of the lake you can take a brisk stroll to the top of the Kaiserberg for a great view over Dortmund – the perfect spot for selfies!


44263 Dortmund

The PHOENIX See is ideal for a quick bike tour

A path takes you right round the lake. It is three kilometres long, with separate lanes for cyclists and walkers. Some strategically placed information boards explain the industrial heritage and history of this site. The reeds on the lakeside and the sailing boats on the water are more likely to remind you of being on holiday than the fact that this used to be home to one of the most modern steelworks in Europe.

You can also follow a pleasant path along the old railway line to get to the former blast furnace at PHOENIX West, making the PHOENIX See the perfect starting point for an excursion into the industrial heritage of the Ruhr Region.