Rising from the ashes: Industrial culture at PHOENIX West

As black as coal – that’s the image the Ruhrpott region has for many people. The constant smoke from the chimney stacks. The hard slog from morning to night in dirty overalls and the only reward: a cool beer at the end of the day. Much of this belongs to the past. On the former PHOENIX-West industrial site in Dortmund's Hörde district, for example, steel production has long since been laid to rest. But you can still have a beer and reminisce about the old days in the plant, or at least imagine what it must have been like.


Between B54 and Dortmund Hörde

Beer and industrial culture at PHOENIX West

The traditional Dortmund brewery, Bergmann, has found a new home right here in PHOENIX West. In the pitch black Stehbierhalle building you can enjoy a cool beer or have a guided tour of the brewery and find out how beer is made.

At the same time you will see an impressive piece of industrial history. Directly opposite, a towering industrial monument rises to the sky in the form of a disused blast furnace plant. During the guided tour you can also experience the very special romantic atmosphere of the old “Ruhrpott”, as the locals like to call this region. You can climb up and walk along the Skywalk, a footpath along an old gas pipeline, and enjoy a panoramic view over Dortmund.