15 July - 23 August 2020


An der Buschmühle 100
44139 Dortmund


(only in German)

PSD Bank Cinema: films in the park

Once darkness has fallen, the screen begins to flicker, the music starts, and the audience quietens down: the film starts to roll or at least it would have done in the past. The film begins. Nothing special really, except that the film is running outside in an idyllic open air setting.

Under the open sky, in the Westfalenpark, at the Seebühne lakeside stage. The audience have their seats on the shoreside. The screen is on the other side of the lake on a little island. A unique backdrop – come and enjoy from 15 July to 23 August.

Programme and costs

They show both new and old films – some real classics, and they even have premieres with the actors and everything too. On one night you can even vote for the film you want to see. There’s popcorn too – what would cinema be without popcorn? And plenty of other snacks, including that Ruhrpott favourite - currywurst.

You can get tickets from eight euros each. The dress circle costs a bit more – but that’s got a roof just in case it rains. You can even bring your four legged friends with you if you like, as long as they’re quiet.

And … Action!