Reinoldi Church Dortmund – Protestant City Church with great views from the tower

Landmark, tourist attraction, house of God and one of the oldest buildings in the city. The Reinoldi Church in Dortmund is all of these. But, for the people of Dortmund it means so much more: The church is part of what they call home!

The church is named after the patron saint of Dortmund, St. Reinoldi, who was first mentioned in texts in 1261. Since the Middle Ages, the St. Reinoldi church has undergone many changes. During bomb attacks in the Second World War, for example, the church was severely damaged and later rebuilt.

St. Reinoldi Church

Ostenhellweg 2
44135 Dortmund

Visit the tower of the St. Reinoldi Church in Dortmund

Since then, the tower with its green roof has been a landmark of the Protestant city church in Dortmund. As well as attending the church services you can also take a church tour. It is also well worth visiting the church during Dortmund’s Night of the Museums.

You should really consider climbing the tower as well. From the top of the church tower you get a great view over the "Alter Markt", Westenhellweg and the city centre. The view during Dortmund's Christmas Market is very special too.