Rote Erde Stadium – home of the BVB Amateurs at Signal Iduna Park

If you come to Dortmund and you love your football then you just have to go to the Rote Erde Stadium because this was BVB’s home ground until the opening of the Westfalen Stadium, today’s Signal Iduna Park. Today it is used as an athletics stadium and for the BVB Amateurs games.

This little stadium in the shadow of the Dortmunder Temple, as the locals call the Westfalen Stadium, was opened as the Rote Erde Arena in 1926. In the 1950s and 1960s, BVB was very successful here - they were Deutscher Meister three times during that period. Legendary players such as Timo Konietzka, Siggi Held and Adi Preißler had the crowds roaring in the Rote Erde Stadium. In the 1960s, 42,000 fans fitted into the stadium.

BVB-Amateurs play in the Rote Erde Stadium

Nowadays, regulations only permit 9,999 spectators to watch the BVB Amateurs matches. In spite of that, there is often a really great atmosphere. Normally you can get tickets at the ticket office on match days. Because of Covid-19 you have to buy tickets online before the match a the moment (October 2021). The games in the Rote Erde Stadium are also a great chance to take the kids along to a game. They can kick a ball around themselves on the tartan track without disturbing anyone.

There is also a beer garden in the stadium when the weather is warm enough.