Running in Dortmund: Courses to suit everyone’s taste

Even Goethe used to say that, “You’ve only ever really been somewhere, if you went there on foot.” If you like running, then make sure you bring your trainers with you when you come to Dortmund as this city is a true paradise for runners.

Whether on the flat or over the hills, on tartan track or in the forest - Dortmund can offer you countless possibilities. Here is just a small selection.

You’ve only ever really been somewhere, if you went there on foot.
- Goethe -

Open invitation to informal running groups

Throughout the whole of Dortmund there are plenty of groups which meet informally for the sole purpose of running together, such as the LT Bittermark, LT Wischlingen, the Endorphin Junkies or even the Pace Pack Runners. As different as the groups may be, they have one thing in common: They meet regularly, choose their speed groups and hit the road together.

The advantage of these groups is that you don’t have to run in a strange city all on your own so there is no need to be afraid of getting lost, for example, in one of Dortmund’s sweeping woods.

We start together and we finish together.
- Group motto -

The most challenging running course in Dortmund: the River Ruhr Rocks

If you are a mountain goat with endurance qualities, then you should arrange your trip to Dortmund for the third Saturday in the month when the River Ruhr Rocks run organised by LT Bittermark starts at 08:30 in the morning. This 25km route, seasoned with an altitude difference of 500 metres, takes you to the most beautiful corners of Dortmund’s south. It’s a group run where the field is divided into varying speed groups. Be careful, however, this run is in a class of its own!

Flat and classical – Romberg Park and the PHOENIX See lake

Alley with big old trees in the Botanical Garden Rombergpark.
© Hans Jürgen Landes Botanical Garden Rombergpark.

Or do you prefer to run alone? Then we warmly recommend you head for Romberg Park and the PHOENIX See lake. The 2.2km lap around the Romberg Park is a classic among the Dortmund running courses which can be spiked with inclines and varied with its network of trails.

The PHOENIX See lake has a flat 3.3km course. If you wish, you can run up the Kaiserberg hill and briefly enjoy the view from the top, or you can combine the PHOENIX See lake with Romberg Park for a longer run. Use the PHOENIX West former blast furnace site as a connecting route as it lies between the two.

Convenient: Many hotels are situated near the running courses

A clever choice of hotel is often enough to make sure you can get to the running courses easily. There are many accommodation possibilities situated around the city and not necessarily directly in the city centre. As Dortmund is a city with a lot of greenery, the way to the nearest running course is often not very far from your hotel doorstep.