Let’s go on a spree: Shopping in Dortmund

Dortmund is THE shopping city in the eastern Ruhr Region. It’s catchment area reaches far into the Sauerland and Münsterland. If you look at the car registration numbers on a Saturday in the city, you soon notice that you are not the only visitor from outside Dortmund.

Westenhellweg: Dortmund’s most visited shopping street

Westenhellweg, shopping street in Dortmund. People between rows of shops.
© DORTMUNDtourismus Shopping on Westenhellweg

If you go shopping in Dortmund, Westenhellweg is a must. This pedestrian zone has one of the most popular of all the shopping promenades in Germany. There is nothing you can’t buy here. Between the large department stores, such as Kaufhof and Karstadt, there are countless boutiques, perfumeries, bookshops, shoe shops and many other emporiums.

This is also the right place if you need some help with your Apple device or want to browse through CDs, games, videos or electronics as there is a wide variety of specialty stores to choose from.

Westenhellweg crosses through the heart of medieval Dortmund. You can see this when you look at the four large city centre churches, all lined up along the Westenhellweg. So, if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of shopping, step into one of these oases of peace and tranquillity.

Fine jewels: goldsmiths and jewellers on Westenhellweg

In addition to fashion boutiques, high-quality jewellers are also in abundance here. You will find chain stores such as Christ, the luxury Hamburg jeweller Wempe and many small traditional and exclusive jewellery stores on Westenhellweg and its side streets.

If you're looking for high-quality jewellery, you are sure to find something here.

Thier Gallery Shopping Mall: fashion from Hollister to Primark

The shopping mall Thier-Galerie in the shopping street Westenhellweg.
© David Vu The shopping mall Thier-Galerie in the shopping street Westenhellweg.

Dortmund’s premium shopping centre, the Thier-Galerie, is also an integral part of Dortmund’s shopping world. The shops in this mall compliment what is on offer in the city and draw fashion-conscious young shoppers from far and wide to Dortmund.

Labels, such as Hollister, Super Dry, Tommy Hilfiger, Tally Weijl, Adidas and Primark are just some of the many reasons to plan a shopping spree in Dortmund.

What makes us stand out? Quality from Dortmund

Maybe you think chain stores make every town centre look the same? Well, many shop owners in Dortmund feel the same way. That is why over 30 traders have come together to create the Dortmund quality route. With one aim: to provide customers with personal service and high-quality goods.

Open Sundays: When half of North Rhine-Westphalia comes to Dortmund

Westenhellweg is a magnet for shopping-fans from the whole region at any time. But on Open Sundays it seems as if half of North Rhine-Westphalia streams into the city. Shops don’t usually open on Sundays in Germany, but there are a few special open Sundays in the year and these are particularly popular.